Damned Series 2 – 5 star reviews.

“Jo Brand and Morwenna Banks’s sitcom is scathing and subtle as it makes unfunny subjects hilarious. It takes tremendous skill – not to mention nerve – to find humour in such resolutely unfunny subjects, but Damned manages to stay just the right side of a lot of blurry lines.”

, The Guardian ★★★★★

“Damned is a rare achievement: noble in his depiction of human weakness, soaringly ambitious while trapped in humdrum surroundings, and deeply empathic in prising laughs from desperate circumstances”

Gabriel Tate, The Telegraph ★★★★★

Co-written by Jo Brand, Morwenna Banks & Will Smith.

Series Editor –  Dan Robinson.

Directed by Natalie Bailey.

Produced by Claire Whalley at WhatLarks!

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