Avenue 5 – HBO

Avenue 5 – HBO

Captain Clark (Hugh Laurie) leads the world’s first space-cruise around Mars. What could go wrong? A comedy drama sci-fi series created for HBO by Armando Iannucci. Featuring Josh Gadd, Rebecca Front, Nikki Amuka-Bird and many more… Episode 8 – Directed by David Schneider. Edited by Dan Robinson & Gary Dollner.

Plebs – ITV2, Hulu & Universal

Plebs – ITV2, Hulu & Universal

A group of three desperate young men from the suburbs are trying to find girlfriends, hold down jobs and climb the social ladder in the big city – which just happens to be ancient Rome. Created by Sam Leifer. Written by Sam Leifer & Tom Basden. Produced by Teddy Leifer, Exec produced by Caroline Leddy. -Read More…

Bounty Hunters

Bounty Hunters

Jack Whitehall and Rosie Perez return in the frenetic comedy as the bumbling antique dealer Barnaby and no nonsense bounty hunter Nina in the second series of the Sky Original Production. Co-written by Jack Whitehall & Freddy Syborn Directed by Toby Macdonald Produced by Charlie Leech Series Editor –  Dan Robinson.

Damned Series 2 – 5 star reviews.

“Jo Brand and Morwenna Banks’s sitcom is scathing and subtle as it makes unfunny subjects hilarious. It takes tremendous skill – not to mention nerve – to find humour in such resolutely unfunny subjects, but Damned manages to stay just the right side of a lot of blurry lines.” Tim Dowling, The Guardian ★★★★★ “Damned is a rare -Read More…

Loaded – Comedy Drama on All 4

  Written by Jon Brown, Assaf Harel, D.C.Jackson, Georgia Pritchett, Muli Segev Directed by Ian Fitzgibbon, Elliot Hegarty and Natalie Bailey. Episodes 4 & 5 Edited by Dan Robinson. Produced by HillBilly Films.

Damned Series 1

“There’s humour in everything, they say, and evidently this includes taking kids into care, racial abuse, marital infidelity and heroin addiction. A very funny show, thanks to bravura performances from Jo Brand, Himesh Patel, Kevin Eldon and Isy Suttie” ©Sean O’Grady_The Independent Co-written by Jo Brand, Morwenna Banks & Will Smith. Edited by Dan Robinson. -Read More…


The Royals -Seasons 2-4

” The Royals is a drivelly piece of gorgeousness. It’s as if Dynasty, Ben-Hur, Liberace, Jason Statham, Lycra McShimmer, Snob McSnob and a monkey with a typewriter had somehow been invited to write a soap starring Liz Hurley as the “Queen of England”. It’s truly unpardonable. It’s also unstoppable, immense, fun. “ – THE GUARDIAN -Euan Ferguson

Three Kinds of Stupid

“There’s no finer sight in life than someone bumping into something. This was the starting point for our brand new physical comedy season on Sky Arts. Luckily the brilliant comic talent who signed up to make four top notch, one-offs all had a rather more sophisticated view of what a silent comedy should be. We -Read More…

The Royals – Series 1 for E!

I edited 6 of the 10 episodes for this brand new series for E! channel USA, including the premier and finale. The show launched in the US on March 15th, 25th March in the UK. It stars Elizabeth Hurley as ‘The Queen of England’, head of a fictional dystopian modern day British Royal Family. Show-runner Mark Schwahn (creator of -Read More…

Damned – Jo Brand pilot for SKY

Irritable, menopausal single parent Rose (Jo Brand) is having a bad day. After leaving her three sick children to be cared for by her mother, she breaks her phone, drops her coffee and arrives late for work at the social services department. There’s no respite in the office, though, as Rose finds the floor as -Read More…