Pramface – Just Two People With A Kid

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“Just Two People With A Kid” [Series 2 Episode 4] Duration: 30 minutes

Jamie is turning 18 and Mike has taken over organising the party. His main mission is to source some high quality, mind-altering substances. He decides to go organic and get hold of some mushrooms. Beth comes on the hunt and steers him towards a harmless non-psychedelic type.

Laura is torn between going to a ‘real’ party with Danielle or showing up at Jamie’s 18th. In the end, she decides to give Jamie a chance. But when she turns up and finds him apparently on drugs with his mates, she’s furious.

Keith has been forced to take a New Age-influenced ‘back to work’ course. He goes on an accelerated journey of self-discovery. He’s getting fitter and closer to the eternal truths of the universe, but he’s no closer to getting a job.

Director: Ben Gosling-Fuller
Producer: Catherine Gosling Fuller
Production Company: BBC / Little Comet
Network: BBC Three, BBC HD, HULU US
Editor: Dan Robinson

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