Featuring Rob Brydon, Will Young, Helena Bonham Carter and Helen Mirren.

“Every year, millions of people suffer from the horror of the faintly disappointing Christmas gift,” a voiceover says. “It’s terribly sad,” agrees actress Helen Mirren. Later, we see Helena Bonham Carter holding “Billy Bass” (the motorized singing novelty fish that sold millions), while comedian Rob Brydon looks quizically at a pink toy pig that grunts and flails its feet. According to the Web site, oxfamunwrapped.com, Oxfam has distributed more than 1.2 million gifts to help people in 49 countries around the world since the project’s launch in October 2004. Without being the least bit preachy or sanctimonious, the spot brilliantly makes its point about waste. I’ll never look at a flapping bass the same way again.” _ ADWEEK