COI -Nurses

“Staffing levels were down in the NHS. There was an over-reliance on foreign nurses coming to the UK to fill the roles. The government wanted to encourage more (qualified) nurses to return to the profession. Those who had left years earlier to start a family.
We produced a commercial that we hoped would remind ex-nurses of the selfless effect the right kind of people can have on patients in this most vocational of professions.
The commercial elicited an unexpected 50,000 responses.” -John Messum

For this spot, the director Jon Greenhalgh wanted to produce a 90sec shot with a very real, live feel, but where the girl didn’t so much as move a muscle until the end, let alone blink. With the heat of studio lights, this was not easy. Jon shot the take with several passes all at different speeds & we combined them in post to make the final film. The single take is in fact a composite made from four main elements. It’s a very powerful end result that brings the hairs up on the back of your neck.

Winner of the Cannes Lions Film Silver

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