Christopher Raeburn SS / Sony Xperia Z

A project I edited through Cut & Run (London) for innovative creative/director Ryan Hopkinson through White Lodge. Ryan created a custom made spiral catwalk to show case both Christopher Raeburn’s SS Menswear collection and Sony’s brand new Xperia Z HD phone.

“I was approached by LBi & Sony to create a concept that challenged and pushed the technology and understanding of its latest smartphone, the Sony Xperia Z. A collaborative effort with the incredibly talented Hirsch & Mann and featuring Christopher Raeburns SS14 collection, we created a film that crosses the boundaries of art, fashion and technology exploring the process of photography and film creation utilising custom software, bespoke apps and a wireless control system around a sculptural spiral catwalk made from over 100 Xperia Z smartphones. – a hybrid blend of analogue, digital and in-camera techniques to create the World’s first spiralled bullet time sculpture entirely from smart phones” – Ryan Hopkinson.

“A brilliantly atmospheric piece, with technological innovation and aesthetic sensibility marching neatly in step” –

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