Bet 365 – Ray Winston

 One of a fantastic campaign of 40+ commercials I edited for Martin Wedderburn at MTP Glasgow, featuring Ray Winston for the UK, Samuel L. Jackson for the US, Travis Fimmel for Scandinavia and Australia, and Roberto Álamo for Spain and Latin America. The campaign was shot in multiple countries, with me joining the production -Read More…

Argos – Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

The anarchy of Christmas shopping. Best avoided… Director: Chris Dada Prod Co: Academy Films Agency: CHI & Partners Editor: Dan Robinson

118 118 – Just Works

A parody of Honda “Cog”, ‘Just Works’ went on to win a number of awards in its own right, including Golds in several categories at the British Television Advertising Awards and the Creative Circle Awards, a Silver Lion from the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, and a Bronze award from The One Show! Director: JJ -Read More…

COI -Nurses

“Staffing levels were down in the NHS. There was an over-reliance on foreign nurses coming to the UK to fill the roles. The government wanted to encourage more (qualified) nurses to return to the profession. Those who had left years earlier to start a family. We produced a commercial that we hoped would remind ex-nurses -Read More…

Pot Noodle "Northern Eye (1982)"

Bruce Harding from Northern Eye reports on the fascinating case of Gary Booth; the Aylesworth boy whose love of Lamb Hot Pot flavoured Pot Noodle has meant some lifestyle changes. Ps… I’ll let you in to a secret… it wasn’t made in 1982

WKD – Have You Got A Wicked Side?

WKD – Have You Got A Wicked Side?

This is a collection of nine WKD commercials I edited for director Jon Greenhalgh. My favorite is the 3rd one, what’s yours?