COI -Nurses

“Staffing levels were down in the NHS. There was an over-reliance on foreign nurses coming to the UK to fill the roles. The government wanted to encourage more (qualified) nurses to return to the profession. Those who had left years earlier to start a family. We produced a commercial that we hoped would remind ex-nurses -Read More…

Pot Noodle "Northern Eye (1982)"

Bruce Harding from Northern Eye reports on the fascinating case of Gary Booth; the Aylesworth boy whose love of Lamb Hot Pot flavoured Pot Noodle has meant some lifestyle changes. Ps… I’ll let you in to a secret… it wasn’t made in 1982


More than 60 commercials and 80 online films were made in total, including special episodes with some of the UK’s favorite footballing personalities.   Material was shot once every two weeks, immediately following a football major match. This was loaded & organised over-night, edited the following day, conformed, dubbed & broadcast usually on the next -Read More…

Home Office – Rape Awareness

“This hard-hitting campaign shows that rape is not just about violent attacks by strangers.  We want to bring this issue out into the open and get young people talking about the importance of consent. The campaign will give teenagers the facts and support the need to recognise abuse and form healthy relationships.” – British Deputy -Read More…

NIVEA: 100 Years Skincare for Life

NIVEA, the largest skincare brand in the world, along with its business partner, global marketing communications agency Draftfcb, created a global campaign to celebrate 100 years of Nivea. With a billion-euro spend, this was it’s biggest campaign ever. Featuring the music of Rhianna, the campaign reached out over 90 countries “The campaign had real cut-through -Read More…

WKD – Have You Got A Wicked Side?

WKD – Have You Got A Wicked Side?

This is a collection of nine WKD commercials I edited for director Jon Greenhalgh. My favorite is the 3rd one, what’s yours?

Central Office of Information -Flu Jab

A long-running TV & Cinema spot featuring evil CG flu-bugs invading a bus. Director: JJ Keith Prod Co: HLA Agency: COI Editor: Dan Robinson

NSPCC – If They Had A Voice

A very harrowing TV & Cinema film I edited for Novelist/Director Tom Connolly to highlight the plight of children in abusive homes, and the scale of the problem. Tom has shot commercials and corporates across the globe, gaining a reputation for combining strong visuals with nuanced and emotive performances His client list includes Carlsberg, Heinz, -Read More…

COI – Gremlins

A foreboding commercial starring Warwick Davis as a devil, preying on the insecurities of adults who can’t yet read. Director: Chris Dada Prod Co: Academy Films Agency: COI Editor: Dan Robinson